Data Analytics

Make your data work for you

EnergyLink provides you with the important data you need. Excel reports and dashboards let you easily manage and track your workflow as well as analyze your data to help make better business decisions.



  • Gain Critical Insight - Run quick and easy reports to perform deeper analysis of meaningful business data. User-friendly reports and dashboards provide a visualization of data and help you better identify trends or patterns, issues, opportunities, performance measurements, and growth.
  • Simple Integration – EnergyLink is designed to be compatible with all oil and gas accounting systems. Partner and owner accounting data is easily integrated after a one-time mapping of masters, including properties and accounts, to translate operator terminology into your own. Operator invoices and reports from EnergyLink containing your coding are invaluable for analysis.
  • Increase Value - Scale your accounting operations by utilizing the data EnergyLink has accumulated. Save time and resources by analyzing data online or with reports from EnergyLink that you can create with a few simple clicks.


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