Enhanced Communication

Online dialogue at your fingertips

Only EnergyLink helps you correspond with your partners electronically while providing a historical audit trail of issues and other supplemental information. Messaging takes place within EnergyLink allowing you to spend less time on the phone or searching through emails or papers. It’s that easy.


  • Secure Communication - With EnergyLink, all messages (disputes, comments, inquiries, attachments) are securely stored electronically for easy access, management, and auditing (no more lost documents). This is ideal for existing staff and for onboarding new team members.
  • Real-Time Tracking - Real-time tracking means better, more transparent communication with your partners and more effective issue or dispute resolution.
  • Centralized Location - All electronic messaging takes place within EnergyLink with every message attached to the correct invoice, statement or property. EnergyLink can be accessed by users with an Internet connection, anytime and anywhere.


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