Industry standard for JIB exchange and automation

Join the rest of the industry in using EnergyLink for a more effective, efficient and economical way to process JIBs. EnergyLink seamlessly interfaces with nearly all industry accounting systems.



Save a tree! – Hard copies not required

Enhanced communication for all disputes

Say goodbye to lost or forgotten emails and voicemails

Forget those tedious trips to the filing room

Get paid quicker with our custom AR Subledger tool


Working Interest Owners:

Code the way you need to for your business

Automated journal vouchers that seamlessly upload into your accounting system

Dispute management in one place

Enhanced communication at your fingertips

Let us work for you with powerful workflow features

Access your data when and where you need it

The EnergyLink


Operator Process EnergyLink Manual Other Systems
Send JIBs electronically - FREE!
Reduce G&A of printing and mailing hard copies
Send comments and attachments with JIB statements
Easily track the status of your invoices
Correspond with partners about issues and disputes with built-in audit trail
Manage/close disputes with built-in audit trail and reporting
Advanced search and reporting options
Option to manage AR - separating disputes from delayed payments
Partner Process EnergyLink Manual Other Systems
Flexible & comprehensive code mapping
Custom voucher template for your accounting system
Correspond with operators about issues and disputes with built-in audit trail
Manage and track disputes with clear audit trail and reporting
Advanced built-in tools to help with analysis
Advanced search and reporting options

We are people driven. That is why our Customer Support Team is committed to working with you every step of the way, to help you become more successful than ever before.


In 2000, Talisman began to search for a tool to easily reconcile, reduce, maintain and report partner receivables. We ended up being the pilot client for the EnergyLink AR Subledger Module and have never turned back, it is heaven! I am a huge fan of AR Subledger with my 15+ years of industry experience; my staff and I are handicapped without it. I can say with confidence, "Try it, you won’t regret it!"

Vicki Rambaransingh
Team Leader, Joint Operations Accounting
Talisman Energy Inc. (Part of Repsol Group)

We have been using EnergyLink since August 2002. We were one of their first customers in the United States. Their Customer Service is excellent, and they’ve always been very helpful when I’ve had to call them.

The JIB Operated & Non-Operated features are easy to learn, and once your cross-reference tables have been built, it reduces the time needed to process a Non-Operated JIB for payment. The ability to dispute costs on a Non-Operated well on a line-by-line basis, or by well, is a nice feature. When you dispute charges, EnergyLink sends the Operator a message, so that a resolution can be reached sooner rather than later.

All in all, good systems, with good customer support.

Bruce R. Abernathy
Joint Interest Project Specialist
Petro-Hunt, L.L.C.

Over the years with the use of EnergyLink, our jobs have become easier and less time consuming so that we can focus on other aspects of our jobs. It is really great to see more and more companies putting their Road Use, Mineral and Surface Rental invoices on EnergyLink as this makes our jobs even easier for processing, approvals, disputes and collection. EnergyLink has been a great partner to work with in regards to making sure that our needs were met when we went to a new upgraded system to ensure we had no issues with our downloads from EnergyLink to our new system. EnergyLink is always looking for ways to upgrade their programs to meet the needs of their clients. Great job EnergyLink.

Gail Cederholm
Specialized Business Analyst
Husky Energy

My experience with the EnergyLink support team has been fantastic! The work quality, friendliness of the support team, and professionalism is outstanding. I really appreciate all the support I have received and I’m always excited to see changes made in EnergyLink!

Pauline Shock
Lead, Joint Venture Accounting
JAPEX Montney Ltd.

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