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Our team at EnergyLink is constantly rethinking and reimagining how we can better serve our clients. We offer additional tools and proven solutions for EnergyLink users to help you more effectively manage your business processes. Check back often for news on additional features and products!

Other Solutions

EnergyLink gives you more...

Change of Address (COA) & Direct Deposit Enrollment (ACH) Modules
  • Operators can provide owners with electronic COA/ACH forms in a secure environment
  • Save valuable time and reduce errors associated with manual entry of owner information into your accounting system
  • With online ACH enrollment, operators can reduce the time and expense associated with mailing paper checks
  • Seamlessly send JIBs from EnergyLink into OpenInvoice for approval workflow and processing
  • Leverage the strengths of both platforms by keeping detailed JIB coding and disputes in EnergyLink while using OpenInvoice's robust approval workflow and ERP integration capabilities to eliminate manual uploads of JIB data to the accounting system
  • Click here to learn more about this solution
Desk Audit
  • Our Desk Audit module allows clients to provide source data for working interest percentages to EnergyLink to validate against operator-provided values
  • Built-in trending for expenses such as trucking and saltwater disposal
  • Variances/discrepancies will be flagged for your review
Web APIs & FTP
  • Enable automation with the use of Web APIs or FTP
  • Eliminate manual loading by automatically sending your operated files to EnergyLink
  • Reduce the risk of missing data by automatically uploading vouchers from EnergyLink into your accounting system
  • Utilize our reporting APIs for robust data analysis and reporting or our workflow APIs to automate rule-based disputes, property coding and more

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