Improve efficiency with a more streamlined workflow

EnergyLink raises the bar for royalty data exchange through automated workflow, enhanced partner communications and data analytics. Streamline your business process, save time and money, and improve owner relations today:

Eliminate trips to the post office

A complete CRM solution for owner relations inquiries

Complete and consistent comprehensive data

The end result? Improved visibility and more accurate information to help you do your job better and faster while greatly improving your owner relations.

The EnergyLink


Operator Process EnergyLink Manual Other Systems
Secure, cloud-based electronic file sharing system
Reduce G&A of printing and mailing hard copies
Match backup exactly to payment - has feature to identify & add manual backup
Correspond directly with owners -
include attachments and comments
Manage all owner inquiries with sophisticated inquiry tracking tool
Advanced search and reporting options
Owner Process EnergyLink Manual Other Systems
Flexible and comprehensive code mapping
Custom voucher template for your accounting system
Correspond with operators or submit inquiry tickets with built-in audit trail
Advanced built-in tools to help with analysis
Advanced search and reporting options
Standard PDF files for easy reading and viewing
Manage all statements with one login and password

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